“I tailor my look for my audience.”

I think my look always tends to reflect my mood. If I’m going to a certain type of event I want to wear a red lip. I know I work in the industry [Ed note: Caroline’s a beauty publicist] but that’s not marketing speak, it’s really how I feel. Even lately when I’ve been experimenting with a nude lip, it just makes me feel – not like I’m putting on a different personality, but a different type of confidence. Or, when I was going through a phase when I was only using fuchsia lipsticks, it made me feel so good. So each of these different shades or colors – or if I use a liquid eyeliner, it just adds a little pep in your step.

Depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing I tailor my look for my audience. For instance, there are a lot of occasions where I would love to wear a bold lip but I know I’m going to be eating and drinking, and I can’t remember where I was – it was with a client or something, and they were like ‘why in the world would you wear a beautiful red lip to a dinner, you’re going to be eating and drinking.’ And that really resonated with me, because I’ve done that before and then you have to constantly worry about reapplying and where it’s going to go. That’s why I’m currently obsessed with nude lipsticks, because you put it on, and if it comes off then whatever, no one’s going to know.

For hair, I just typically blow mine out but I like a little bit of bounce in my hair because it’s very fine and kind of flat. I like to be able to put my fingers through my hair so I’ll use some sort of serum or blowout balm, and I’m obsessed with the Serge Normant Volumizing spray because it smells insane and gives me a little bit of volume.

Photo: Rachel Adler

I am half-Pakistani and I’ve always had really dark hair, and I started doing balayage and then I wanted to go lighter and lighter, and now I feel like I could never go back. I love having light hair and it’s also kind of my form of expression.

You know, you can’t change certain things about you – I’ll always be 5’1 and I’ll always be a curvy woman and never look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but I can make my hair blonde.

And that’s something that I can do to enhance my appearance that makes me happy. I go to Jacob Schmidt at Serge Normant downtown and he’s the best – I love that he can do cut and color and I don’t have to go to two different people.

For my day-to-day makeup, I always start with eyes, I learned this when I was in college and worked at the Chanel counter at a Macy’s. When I was that age I used to always do my foundation first – mainly because I had acne and wanted to cover it up as quickly as possible. But then I would do a crazy eye and the shadow would fall. So, the ladies who worked at the counter with me were basically like, ‘What are you doing.’ So now whenever I see anyone doing their foundation first I’m like ‘Are you insane?’ I’m obsessed with the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, I use Rosegold. It’s the perfect champagne shimmer and it works as a really great base. I never just leave it to that one, I add a shimmery peach color, and use the L’Oreal Color Riche Palette La Nude and add soft browns and build them out from the crease. Then I use black liner on top and bottom – I feel naked without it. And then Maybelline Lash Sensational which is my favorite mascara ever. Then I do my concealer, I use the Shiseido Perfecting Stick concealer to cover up all of my redness and then I use the Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation. I’m obsessed with this one – I work with the brand but this one really is my favorite, it provides full-coverage but you really can’t feel it. So, I do the foundation and then I take Marc Jacobs Lightshow in 302 and I take the dark part and build out cheeks and along the top of my forehead. Then, I use the NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla, I layer that on top of the bronzer.

Cheeks can be a challenge for me because I have such a round face, and I’m always trying to build out cheekbones, but it can be hard. I’ve tried a lot of different highlighters and the one from Milk Makeup is definitely my favorite. I found that now that I do it on my cupid’s bow, and along my nose, I really notice if I don’t do it. So, I do all of that and then I go back and do my brows, I’ve recently become obsessed with Anastasia Brow Definer. My brow lady once told me – which I know she didn’t make this up – but that brows aren’t twins they should be cousins, and I complained to her so much and I didn’t understand that, I just wanted them to be the same. So, that’s still a challenge for me. But, to set my brows I use Benefit Cosmetics Ready, Set, Brow! – again, I’m half Pakistani and I’m hairy, and my brows literally will get frizzy and curly if it rains. That’s gross, but it’s true – my hair will get coarse and unruly. Then, my very last thing is mascara, which ironically enough I will always toss my mascara and eyelash curler in my purse and do it on the subway because I am very particular about how slowly I lift and curl, so I’d rather do it slowly on the subway or at the office to make sure I do it right.”


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