“F*ck the Rules”

“I was always very much my own person and did not like doing what anyone told me to do, so my earliest memory is probably going to the local Walgreens and raiding the CoverGirl aisle. And I remember my first shadow shade was CoverGirl Disco Ball, the icy, snowy, blue that I was obsessed with. It was probably around 5th grade that I was like ‘I need makeup’ because all the cool girls wear makeup, and I went off and I did my own thing, and my mom was like, ‘Is that really the shade you want to wear?’ and I was like, ‘Yes. I feel cool in it, I enjoy it, and I have a lot of fun with it.’ And then it slowly progressed from there to Hot Topic pixie glitter that I wore all the way up to my brows and on my temples and put roll-on glitter from Claire’s all over my body because that was cool too, but it was always on my own terms and it was always a way to have fun and experiment.

I hate the notion that beauty should be prescriptive.

I hate the idea that here’s how to get the perfect curls or here’s how to get the perfect cat-eye. I would rather use it to embrace my mood or whatever I’m feeling that day. Whenever I’m going out or really feeling myself, I like to go for a really cool, smokey eye and I’ll play with blues, or lately I’ve been really into rose gold, and I never thought I’d be into rose gold makeup because I’m a redhead, and I’m pale and that seems to be something that immediately would clash with my pink undertones, but you know, fuck the rules, I’ve had so much fun just throwing the rule book out the window and doing whatever feels creative and fun in the moment. And, I’ve found a lot of really cool looks that way – by not being afraid to play around and maybe make some mistakes.

I started dyeing my hair probably about five years ago. It was actually for a story [Ed note: Lindsay is a beauty editor at Glamour] we were doing a hair color theme week at the site I was working at called StyleBistro and we needed a redhead, so I was like, you know what, I’ll go red, it seems like a fun color. I accidentally dyed my hair red once in high school, and it was so bad. It was a box dye, and it was one of the ones that you highlight and dye your own hair, and it was supposed to be dark brown with red highlights, and it ended up red with blonde highlights – really streaky bad blonde highlights. But, I liked the way that the red felt – I felt like a different person, and ever since I went back red I continuously keep trying different shades. I’ve done ‘ombred’ which is a dark red with light ends, I’ve done Emma Stone red a couple of different times as a hair model for Tracey Cunningham – anytime I hear she needs a hair model I email immediately. But, I really do like it because I feel like it matches my personality much more than brown does. People react to me differently with red hair. I am a bubbly person, but I think, even before I say a word, they assume I’m more bubbly and outgoing just because I have red hair.

Processed with Snapseed.
Photo: Rachel Adler

My daily look is pretty basic. Since I turned 27 I had this weird moment where I was like ‘oh my God I need to start taking care of my skin.’ Up until that point, I was really negligent with it. I didn’t wash my face before I went to bed, my skin was always really dry, and just sort of unhealthy, so I’ve started actually having a regimented skin care routine and it’s helped me to feel a lot better about leaving the house without makeup. I do an essence – I love the SK-II essences – they’re so expensive but I would spend every penny on it to have the big bottle over and over again because it helps calm the redness in my face. And then, I’ve been using an Elemis day and night cream and I just pat it in. I play around with different serums, because I feel like it’s easier to try out different serums than creams. For products, I do definitely keep it much more on the natural side, but lately I will always make sure I have lashes because it’s one of the weird things I’m weirdly proud of that I have pretty thick and long lashes. So, I’ll always make sure they’re fanned out. Dior DiorShow is my obvious favorite, but lately I’ve been using L’Oreal Feline. It’s a little bit more feathery than Dior but since I’ve been feeling the natural vibe more I feel like it fits. And then I always do cheeks so I’ll do a little bit of a bronzer and contour but keeping it very natural. For blushes, I’ll play around – I love NARS Orgasm but I’m trying to break away from it and try other things. I actually learned a really good tip from a makeup artist one day that if you’re wearing a really dark lip, you want your blush to be darker to match it, because it makes your face cohesively look more pulled together. So, now I’m starting to match my blush more so toward whatever lip I’m wearing. For face, Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer gets me through the day. And, I love Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits. I wear them all the time. I wear Posie, I like Kristen when I want to have a little bit more color, but I literally buy every single one so I can test them and play with them. I think the formulas are great, they stay on all day long. The new ones are much better than the original ones – and the lighter ones stay on better than the darker ones, too.

 I think beauty is like a secret handshake between women, or even men who are into makeup.

You form these secret tribes around products, like you can talk to someone and be like ‘oh my God, what lipstick is that?’ it’s an easy way in, you speak each others’ language, you get each other, you’re in each others’ tribe just from a simple compliment. I also just think, it’s hard to make friends, we’re in a world now where everything is so digitally focused, and there isn’t as much face-to-face communication, and beauty is like an equalizer. It’s an easy way in to talk to people, have discussions, compliment people, and it feels good on both sides. It feels good to be like ‘hey, your lipstick looks great!’ and then to be like ‘wow, she thinks my lipstick looks great.’ And I love that, everyone has a story, which I think is the most exciting thing – I love hearing people talk about their hair, and the new perfume that they found – beauty is so personal, and you really get to know who someone is through their beauty life story.”


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