“I’m very strategic with my beauty looks and what clothes I’m wearing”

“My mom was always very much about embracing yourself, being comfortable in your own skin, and you’re beautiful without any makeup on. It wasn’t that she didn’t want us to wear any makeup, but she didn’t bring up the topic. So, we kind of discovered it on our own. I feel like when there were a lot of girls going to get their eyebrows plucked because their mom said it was time, we didn’t talk about that. Or, when girls were getting highlights, that just wasn’t a conversation we had.

I definitely decide to do different things with my makeup look now based on how I’m feeling. If I want to be a little bit more fun or perky I’ll do like a red lip or a purple lip or something really bright. But if it’s a normal mood, it’s usually a little softer.

So, I think I usually pick products that describe how I’m feeling on the inside.

I’m very strategic with my beauty looks and what clothes I’m wearing. It’s not like a red lip makes me feel more confident, it’s like ‘will a red lip make me feel more comfortable in this dress?’ Or, like I have on ripped jeans and a crazy shirt, if I wear a purple lip I’m going to feel nuts, and I little too crazy so I want to do something that’s a little more subdued. So, for me beauty has to complement what my style is that day. And I think it can make a look, and there are definitely days that I wake up and I’m like I want to wear green eyeshadow, but I’d be just as comfortable with green eyeshadow as I would be with a neutral eye.

I do think beauty is a conversation starter, but every time I’m wearing something bold like a lip or eye and it starts the conversation, we really just end up talking about beauty in general. So, it’s like we’re bonded, but it just opens the conversation about product in general. And, it’s funny because I had dinner with an old friend and his fiancé a few weeks ago and I’d never met her, and she said something about her wedding makeup or hair and we just ended up talking about product for like 45 minutes. So yea, it does connect people who are relative strangers because everyone has some sort of problem they are curious about.

My hair has always been really low maintenance, always. That’s another thing when I feel like girls my age were plucking their eyebrows or learning how to blow dry their hair I wasn’t doing any of that, because I was swimming so much that that wasn’t something I had time to do. But, it’s super low maintenance, I always exclusively air dry. I rarely use my blow dryer. My hair is very fine and straight with a little bit of wave so I find that the only thing it needs is a wand or a little texture spray, or I’ll put in a little oil if it’s dry – I have highlights right now and I feel like it kind of fried the ends. In the morning I either put some dry shampoo or that Oribe Dry Texture and then just scrunch it with my hands or I’ll do like a few curls with a curling wand. But I haven’t been doing that really as much because I’ve been taking more gym classes in the morning and I don’t want to deal with it.

Photo: Rachel Adler

I feel like for the longest time I started really hating my hair when it was just air dried and I was feeling really uncomfortable and I Just hated it, and those were the days I felt like crap. And I didn’t like feeling that way – I didn’t like not feeling comfortable with my hair being the way it was. So, I feel like I purposefully cut it out so I could kind of like enhance my hair the way it really is.

I feel like in my last year of school I started really curling it because to me curling it and touching it with a hot tool was getting ready and being put together. So, anytime that I wanted to look great, it was like I need to do that. And then it became to the point that that’s what I did every day – and so when my hair was just dried naturally and straight, it just felt not put together. And then, I just think you do things so much you stop recognizing yourself with another look, and I just didn’t like that. So, I think that’s what it was, I had just done it so much and I became uncomfortable with it when it wasn’t done. And also, I mean I think the grass is always greener – there is always something you want, and I’ve always wanted more volume, and curling it gave me more volume. I think going into the real world, with work, I was sleepy in the morning, it was a good time to learn to like my real texture.

Oh, and of course, getting bangs. I think getting bangs was a big thing. It gave it style without styling it. And before, I would have the side part or center part and it would just be straight down, so bangs was that element that was missing. It gave it a style and then I didn’t need to do anything else. Now, I air dry it and love it. I think getting bangs and learning the perfect products to enhance it was key.

So this is like normal work/weekend plans makeup look. I have on Pestle & Mortar Hydrate Moisturizer. And then I have on – it’s not a natural product, but it works well with natural foundations, which I’ve been trying to use more of because it’s just a whole realm that I haven’t experimented with. And ELCIE Cosmetics Primer & Foundation – she’s an Instagram makeup artist, it’s a tiny line but it’s the best foundation I’ve ever worn and it looks amazing on camera. It can be really built up for coverage but it’s super light otherwise. I have on Bye Bye Undereye Concealer, Jet Setter Shadow from Tarte in their Bloom Palette, Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil which is my favorite, a little bronzer from that Charlotte Tilbury Film Star palette, and Wander Beauty Mascara which is amazing. And NARS Lip Glide. It’s really nice, I’ve been leaning toward a mauve-y lip lately.”


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