A Note About Unity

This site may be in its infancy, but it was an idea that I toyed with for years – every single time I stood in a group of complete strangers and felt the warmth and common ground that beauty could bring to us all.

So, when the campaigning over the past year bubbled our country’s most vile, hateful rhetoric up to the surface, I realized I needed to put this simple idea that I had into action.

While right now many of us are scared of what a Trump presidency may bring – whether we’re black, white, brown, female, LGBTQ, or let’s face it, green from this week – what we can do is come together and support each other.

With Makeup Warriors, I set out to celebrate the diverse way that people – boys, girls, trans, everyone – paint their faces and style their hair day-to-day. And, how that style brings us all together. Somehow, beauty, and the unique way that we relate to our look, is a common ground for us all. We all appreciate the girl in the moving subway car who manages to complete a sick cat-eye with one hand. We all are constantly jealous of the guy who can master a contour better than a Kardashian.

I want to continue to honor these skills and these styles, learn the stories behind them, and simply inspire people to continue to connect – and hopefully (maybe!) inspire more of a positive, complimentary rhetoric in our society, instead of a hateful one.

If you’ve been struggling this week – I’m right there with you. Let’s send a little extra love into the world with a smile and a compliment, and see if we can fight back against the hate that seems to be rising up.

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