“Makeup is definitely an art.”

“We moved around a lot – like 17 times before I moved here. And I would just go into the CVS makeup aisle and just stand there, because that was the only thing that was always the same. CVS or Duane Reade or whatever it was, so that was like my meditation. And my mom would go run around whatever the shopping center was outside, and I would just stand in the same aisle. She would go like grocery shopping, and get her hair done, and I would be in that beauty aisle. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup for awhile, but the first thing I wore were those Maybelline cream eye shadows – I would wear the creamy blue. It was the first thing I was ever able to buy in like 8th grade. And, I started doing the beauty aisle thing when I was in about 4th grade. So, there was some time when I was just thinking about what I wanted to buy. I wasn’t allowed to wear anything, which obviously makes you want to wear it more. I remember when my mom was finally like, ‘Okay, enough, do what you want.’ And I had researched everything and I was ready to go, and I was like ‘Okay, I want this and this,’ and I had ripped the sheets out of CosmoGIRL!’s beauty section and would go in and find everything.

Makeup is definitely an art. Especially having worked with so many makeup artists [Note: Bri works in beauty PR] and having seen how emotional they are and how connected to the work that they create, that’s an art – that’s definitely an art. Not just for them, because that’s their career, but for other people because you see people where you’re like ‘Wow she’s definitely wearing makeup.’

But, I think it’s an art because you see people who are going to the office everyday who are wearing “normal” makeup and aren’t making huge decisions about their makeup, being that it’s attention-getting, but just that they’re putting together their overall look and just how they want to be perceived, and that’s an art – that’s a curation. Which is an art. They’re like okay, I’m wearing these shoes because I want to be professional, and I’m going to put this with this, so I think that the act of curating like that is an art.

I think with lipstick specifically for me, that’s what gets me going.

If I’m going to have a big night – last night for example I had this gown on randomly. My friend sent me a bunch of gowns from Marchesa, because she works there which is crazy, and she sent a bunch to me for a wedding and I didn’t get to wear them all, so last night I told this guy that I’m dating that I had this gown, he needed to wear a tux, and we were going to go to dinner. So I put the gown on, I put my makeup on, and I was looking at myself and you know, it’s a date, I was going to kiss him on the face and I didn’t want to get lipstick on him, but I was like you know what, no, I don’t care, the lipstick has to happen, this is a moment.

So, that was almost what sealed it, that’s what makes it a big moment to me – the lipstick – not the Marchesa gown, but the lip.

I also think it is just such a conversation piece. Most girls always want to know about a good lip, which is just such a good conversation starter.

Processed with Snapseed.

And yes, as you can see, I love the smokey eye. That started a very long time ago. I used to wear navy blue eyeshadow and try to do the smokey eye, and then I figured out it wasn’t the best idea. I was really into blues, and I shouldn’t have been. So, I did it wrong for a really long time. The smokey eye to me, to start, was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ runway in 2003, that heroin chic thing – like the first time we heard about heroin chic and were like ‘That is cool.’ And that’s why I tried to do it with navy shadow, and ever since then I’ve had the chance to speak with Charlotte Tilbury, and these massive makeup artists, and Charlotte was like, ‘Darling, you’re doing it wrong.’ So, she told me how to do it. I can’t not do the smokey eye anymore.

Right now I’m wearing Charlotte’s Dolce Vita quad, and then I also do the Urban Decay Naked Palette and then of course smudge everything out. On my lashes is Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes – I’m obsessed. For brows, that’s what takes the longest in the morning. I use the DIPBROW from Anastasia, and Urban Decay’s Brow Beater, I have LORAC’s powder quad, and I always end up redoing them and redoing them again because the shape is weird, or they’re too dark on one side, or something is off. I’m somehow still trying to figure out how to get them quite right.”




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