“I started liking the good stuff early on.”

“There is a home video of me taking a bath and using some really expensive body wash and I was about four, and I was like ‘Mom I really love this body wash’ and she said something like, ‘Okay, you can use it.’ And I was like, ‘Can I use it all?’ and I used up the whole thing. So, I started liking the good stuff early on.

I usually do a lot of skin care daily because I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin that is currently both oily and dry. So, I am very careful with that. I usually just wear sunscreen always – I’ve been using this Tatcha sunscreen that is SPF 35 but is also a primer. So, I’ll wear sunscreen, then I’ll put on foundation or tinted moisturizer. Today I’m wearing MAC’s Waterweight Foundation, but I also wear the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint a lot. I use the Make Up Forever HD Concealer wherever I need it. I never wear mascara or eye shadow – I wore it at points in my adolescence before I realized it makes my eyes look smaller, so I stopped wearing it.

I always do my brows. I use the brush tip that’s on one end of the Brow Wiz, and I’m obsessed with the & Other Stories Brow Cream and then the Glossier Boy Brow to top it off. Oh, and I also wear a ton of highlighter, either the Glossier Haloscope or the RMS Living Luminizer. Right now I’m wearing this brand called Kosås on my lips – it’s this really hydrating, natural indie brand.

Processed with Snapseed.
Photo: Rachel Adler

I think I feel better when I have makeup on, I definitely feel more put-together. Like if I go out without makeup on, I don’t feel as comfortable. I will run out without anything on, but only if I’m coming right home. Like, I wouldn’t do it if I were going out into the world for an extended period of time. Last week I actually accidentally went to get coffee in the morning with my tinted zit cream on and I got home and I was like, oh, that happened.

Oh, my hair. I’m going to stay dark now. I love the look of platinum – I love it on other people, I love it on myself, but I can’t deal with the maintenance. I love having actual hair. It feels very healthy, and normal, and it actually styles well and it looks like hair.

Going platinum was a bold move for me – I’ve always experimented more with my hair than my makeup.

I used to dye it all the time, like out of the box when I was a kid. I once dyed it, I was like 12 and I had dyed it a darker brown out of the box and then a couple weeks later tried to dye it blonde. And nothing happened except my roots turned a bright yellow. It was so awful. Anyway, going platinum was risky I guess, I really liked it but the maintenance was so hard and I had to cut all of my hair off. I think I’m going to stick with my healthy hair for awhile. But, when I was platinum I didn’t do anything that different makeup-wise, except for wearing more red lipstick. I feel like when you’re platinum you have a back light all the time, so you just need perfect skin at all times and a bright, orange-red lip.”




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