“It definitely changes my mood and my attitude, and everyone can probably attest to that.”

“My grandmom is super feminine. She’s like 80, and has this dyed red hair and always has lipstick on, and her nails are always done, and mascara – the whole deal, all the time. On the beach, vacation, doesn’t matter where she is. So that’s kind of how I got involved and how I started loving makeup.

Here at work, I travel in from New Jersey and I get up really early so I don’t look my best every day, but I’m the type of person that I can let my hair dry straight right out of the shower. So, I definitely take more time doing my face and just making sure my makeup looks good. I’m really serious about my brows. They don’t look that good right now, but that’s something where when I go out I pay close attention to how I’m doing my eyebrows and what other people’s eyebrows look like, and I think it’s because I’ve had bad experiences with getting my eyebrows waxed, and that is something that is a trigger for me.

I would say normally I do a nude lip and maybe a neutral eye each day. I use a lot of browns and bronzes, obviously from MAC [Note: Amanda works for MAC] Saddle is one of my favorites and then mascara always of course.

But, there are days when I’ll do a lighter eye and more of a lip and I’ll feel a little bit more empowered.

I’ll do a red lip, pink lip, purple lip – those are probably my go-to’s. It definitely changes my mood and my attitude, and everyone can probably attest to that. They say ‘oh Amanda, your outfit looks good today’ or ‘your makeup looks good today we know you’re going to have a good day.’ So it’s actually a real thing.

Photo: Ashley Kalinske

So, my eyeshadow is actually Bamboo, but it’s being discontinued, so Blanc Type would be a good similar blending shadow. I always do a base, the 24-Hour Eye Base, and then I do a little bit of a darker shade with Saddle. I actually do the same shadow brush for the whole eye – I don’t have time to be switching them around! But on the weekend, I’ll spend the time and use different brushes and do the whole deal. And under the brow I’ll usually highlight with a white shadow and sometimes in the inner corner to make the eye pop. I rarely do eyeliner on the top, it’s normally on the waterline on the top lash line instead. For my brows, I’ll use Veluxe Brow Liner to brush them up and then just the Eye Brows Pencil in Brunette to fill them in. And then I just brush and fill, and brush and fill, and then go over it with a clear gel to top it all off. And then all day long, I think at least three or four times a day I’ll take my mirror out and brush my brows.

My go-to hairstyle is actually just down and straight, because like I said my hair actually dries quickly and straight. So I’ll just get out of the shower and tie it in a bun and then take it out when I get to work and it will just dry straight which I’m very, very lucky. I do curl it sometimes, I use the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver which I’m obsessed with. Other than that, I’m a big braid girl – always doing French braids, inside-out French braids; I’m the “Braid Maid” in the office.

I feel like the braids started in middle school – you know how it would be wet, and you would braid it and then you would wake up and it would be all crimpy? I feel like that’s when the obsession started. And then, as soon as braids came back, I was like I need to learn to Fishtail, I need to learn the inside-out one, and now I’m like watching YouTube videos to try to figure it all out.”




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