“If you feel like you look good, then you radiate that feeling to others.”

“I’m obsessed with watching beauty videos on YouTube and now on Instagram Story. I’m keeping up with my favorite artists and thinking okay, they did this with this, can I recreate it or do it in a different way? And I like to just say up on new products that are coming out, like I browse the “New In” on Sephora every morning.

Sites like Sephora are my go-to’s just because they connect with their customers a lot – they’ll recommend things for you, and I’m a VIB so they’ll let you know about things that are going to drop before they do. But honestly, I hardly ever really look at celebrities and say “oh, I want that look” I’m always looking at makeup artists on social media or YouTube vloggers that I’ve been following for a long time. I’ve never really thought about it, but I don’t think I really look at celebrities that much, or as much as I do with the artists and YouTube vloggers.

But, there’s nothing like the first day that you wear a new product that you got. The first day that I wore Champagne Pop I was literally like “I’m a celebrity, this is the best I’ve ever felt and the most wonderful day of my life.”

So, I definitely feel like trying new things, and using different makeup combinations makes you feel great about yourself – for me at least, because I love makeup.

If you feel like you look good, then you radiate looking good to others.

I’ll definitely do research on a product before I get it, I’ll look at any reviews there are. Another reason I love Sephora is because their review section is so good. The people that comment on it are so dedicated.  I’m really wondering if I should get the Makeup by Mario Limited Edition palette that came out on Sephora today, and I haven’t decided if I’m going to get it yet.

Also, if it’s around payday I’ll definitely try a new product, as opposed to now I just paid my rent yesterday which is why I’m kind of like ‘hmm do I need this $50 makeup palette by Mario?’ But, it’s limited edition so I probably will get it anyway. But yeah, I definitely do my research. There’s seldom a time that I’ll buy something that I’ve never heard of. I do want to try to start doing more of that, because I feel like it would be cool to be the first one to be like ‘guys check this new product out’ as opposed to just ‘I love this too.’

Photo: Ashley Kalinske

So, today I am wearing the Mary Jo K from the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lip. I have a lot of them, and honestly this is the one that I probably wear the least because I’m honestly normally a nude lip person. But sometimes you know, I just had red on my shirt and was feeling an October vibe so I thought let’s just go with it today.

For the rest of my look, I have the Benefit PoreFessional Primer on, then the Make Up For Ever HD Mat Velvet + Foundation, and oh my God I just got the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – I don’t know if you guys have tried it yet, but it is the best freaking concealer ever, it works so well and I’m obsessed with it. I was using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer but I don’t like it as much as I like this one. But, it’s an Ulta exclusive so you have to find an Ulta to buy it. So, I have that on. These are not my real lashes, I got eyelash extensions a month ago and I thought they would come out by now, and they’re not coming off. They’ve just been stuck on, but they look okay – I’ve been doing everything they told me not to do – like wearing mascara, and they’re still not coming off.

Anyway, my bronzer is Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, and then on my eyes I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – which is fire. I love makeup, I don’t know if you guys are getting that from this yet. But, I’m really wondering if I should get the Makeup by Mario Limited Edition palette that came out on Sephora today, and I haven’t decided if I’m going to get it yet.

But, then I used the Sephora brand Liquid Liner, I’ve tried every one and that one is just my favorite, it stays and the tip is harder than the Kat Von D or Stila ones that I’ve tried which I like. And then I have L’Oreal mascara and the Gimme Brow on my brows – it cuts the time in half on my brows.”


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