“Hair and makeup is a form of art I think, so it goes hand in hand with your look.”

“I would go into my mom’s bathroom and play with all of her makeup, in addition to dressing up in her clothes and shoes, so I have always used makeup to match outfits. I was maybe like 7 or 8 – I was always into beauty at a really young age.

I don’t play around with my makeup too much though, it’s pretty much the same routine every day. If I’m going to a formal event I will switch up my makeup, or if I’m going somewhere more casual I’ll play it down. Today is my signature look, the winged liner.

I always go back to pink with my hair. I’ve had every hair color, but for now I’m stuck on pink. If I need to get my roots done, I’ll go to the salon and get it done because I don’t mess with bleach by myself, and then the pink, since it washes out so fast I’ll touch it up myself. But, it’s so easy for me to just buy pink and do it myself. I usually use Pravana Pretty in Pink or ION Flamingo and I mix it with Rose.

Photo: Ashley Kalinske

Right now my favorite hair products are Living Proof, I love the anti-breakage lotion because I have a lot of breakage in my hair from the bleach, and it really works. And I love their shampoo and conditioner also. I take Biotin too, and a hair, skin and nails thing to help.

For my liner, I use Sephora Liquid Liner, it’s my favorite. It’s the precision brush, because there are two different ones, and this one I’ve been using for years now it’s the only one I use.

My nails are messed up right now I need to get them done. I’m still kind of new to the city I’ve only been here about a month and I went to one salon in Harlem near where I live and I had the worst experience, so I’m still looking for a good salon. But every two weeks I’ll go get a fill-in and a color. I used to do more designs but now I just kind of do a solid color.

Hair and makeup is a form of art I think, so it goes hand in hand with your look”


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