“Doing my hair makes me feel good.”

“I remember watching my grandmother take a bottle of witch hazel and ice before she went out and sticking her face right in it. She said it tightened her pores and it gave her skin a lot of vitality. I followed suit and before red carpet events I still do it.

From my grandmother, I’ve learned everything natural about skin care – even when she would juice she would take the coconut grinds and use them for a facial with coffee. So, she would take coconut grinds after juicing it, and sometimes with carrots if she wanted to add in a brightener. So she never threw away, she always used the processes of the fruits and kept it and recycled it for her body.

For my hair, I wanted to do my hair pink at one point and I still will. I think you have to be able to carry that. For me the braids are very urban and very lightweight for me. It kind of gives me that fall feeling and gets me geared for that. With my makeup I like to keep it natural. I use the Clarisonic and just use a powder to just show that I don’t have that much on.

Processed with Snapseed.
Photo: Ashley Kalinske

For my skin care routine, waking up in the morning I use a Swedish brand called CIEN, they have a hydrating toning cleanser, so I usually use that to just prep my skin. From there I use the milk cleanser with the Clarisonic and that’s for the morning. Then, I use the toner again. Then, I use the SPF from Dr. Jart which is a 30 it’s very light and not visible. I pair it up with a Fresh primer, and put that on, and then do a light powder from Laura Mercier. Then I do a Lancome mascara and for eyeliner I just do Marc Jacobs. For lips it’s Tarte, very natural called pink sugar.

I think I’m going to do more of a pinkish gray next for my hair. It will bring attention but it’s also something you have to have the personality for. I think it’s soft but it’s also bold. Right now I have more of the braids, but for that I think I’ll do the Goddess twists, more African style. For me, I am trying to be good, but relatively speaking I change it every month. I like the braids right now for the fall because it’s easier for me to just deal with my morning routine.

Changing your hair or makeup is definitely an expression of your personality. Doing my hair makes me feel good.

Adding a little bit of lipstick changes the dynamic of how people react to you.

I’ve seen it on the plane where I walk in and no one helps me put my luggage up, but I swipe on a lipstick during the trip and someone is like ‘oh can I help you’ and I’m like ‘sure, I’m the same person you just saw four hours ago, I just have a red lip on.’ But because of that little red lip pop I think it makes a difference.”




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