“I’m all about doing a bold lip with strong eyes, because why not?”

“When I go through a life event I feel like I change my hair. I go from bright blonde, to dark – I recently even had a shorter cut. So, I feel like it’s more expressive for me in terms of what I’m going through. For makeup though, I like to play and experiment. It’s an accessory on your face that you can play with and be creative with.

With my eyes I tend to always do the same – I am really into the bronze for my eyes, for me it’s always about highlighting and making my features the best that they can be and that makes me feel good.

Photo: Rachel Adler

For lips, I’m all about changing lip color for the season. I like a darker red in the fall and the corals and pinks in the summer. The one that is always the same though is this Dior Rouge Red that I wear – I’ve been wearing this same red for years. Then I put Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect  over it. I’ve been wearing this combo since college, it’s my red.

I’m also not one to just play up one feature, I’m all about playing up multiple features. I’m all about doing a bold lip with strong eyes, because why not?

Just make yourself feel good about your whole look.

So, while yes sometimes it’s just about the lips or just about the eyes, sometimes it’s about both. My eyes, as I’ve said, I’ve kind of found something that I think works well and I basically do the same thing always, but for an event or evening I add eyeliner too. The liner is what I do to dress up and it’s the Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC – I love it and it stays put. I paint it on with an angled brush – it feels like I’m painting it. The eyeshadow is also MAC and it’s the bronze color and I typically do just the full swipe of color. Then, for mascara I love putting on as much mascara as my lashes can handle, and this one is Clinique’s Lash Power Flutter-to-Full but I also really love Maybelline Falsies.”


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