“I think that looking good on the outside can trick your mental state into feeling good on the inside.”

“When I do my hair and makeup in the morning it really feels more like this kind of meditative routine. You can’t do that much right when you wake up; you’re trying to set your day and get your brain to function, and starting out a process like putting on makeup, it feels good and it’s fun. It’s your first moment of being creative in the day, so it’s just fun and the results are very functional – you look cute.

When I’m sick or I don’t feel good or I’m hungover, I tend to wear a lot more makeup. I think that looking good on the outside can trick your mental state into feeling good on the inside.

Photo: Ashley Kalinske

And oftentimes, the days that I’ll get a compliment or a comment on a red lip or a cat-eye, or just my makeup in general will very often coincide with a day that I’m really sick or feel like shit, or I’m hungover or something. So, I don’t know if it’s subconscious or conscious but I just think I put more on to mentally feel better.

As for what I have on right now, I get my eyelash extensions done at Primp Daddy by Morgan. I’ve been getting them done for a year and it was a huge mistake because you just can’t go back to not having them.

Eyelash extensions are literally like God’s gift.

You wake up and you’re ready to go and you get out of the shower, the beach or the pool and you look so good. It’s like the most low maintenance, high maintenance thing ever. It’s a good investment. I’m also wearing Kylie’s Lip Kit in Koko K  – it’s actually so high quality, I really like it. They stay on your lips forever, you can go out all night and drink a hundred drinks, have a makeout session and literally take your makeup off and there is still lip gloss on your lips. So, I paid for my Kylie Lip Kits but there is a guy selling fake lip kits on 14th and 9th [in Manhattan] on the street and you can’t tell the difference. So, I thought the difference in quality would be apparent – I’ve used both and have both and they’re the same. It’s just a weird matte lipstick that stays on forever.”


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