“I don’t go more than six months with the same hair, I get bored of it.”

“I was with my friends and I wanted to do something different with my hair, and we were thinking about dyeing it and stuff and eventually I made a joke and I was like ‘what if I just bleached the bottom and left the top?’ and then we laughed and then we did it. So it was a joke and now it’s real, and I actually really like it.

I’ve had this for like a month now, this was the second time I did it so it’s been a few months. I change it a lot, it’s fun – I’ve done a lot of different things. I have this bowl cut, and then I had it as just a regular bowl all black and then I had this other hair that I could flip back – it’s always been about my hair but I change it up every six months at least. I don’t go more than six months with the same hair, I get bored of it.


I cut my hair. I don’t really trust salons most of the times because I tell them something and then they do whatever they think is okay and then I’m like ‘but that’s not what I want.’ I’m just happier with what you know, it’s easy, it’s not difficult hair. I have my friends who will help me buzz it, but then I’ll cut it in a circle.


I have a routine for skin care too, before I go to sleep I wash my with this like African black soap because I guess my face is just like really oily and that helps take away some of the oil. And then in the morning I exfoliate with this natural thing that I get at Lush it’s this exfoliator that’s supposed to brighten your skin or something but it really works for me. And then I always tone in the morning and night with this toning water from Lush too.

My parents go crazy whenever I do something new with my hair and I think I love driving them crazy.

I like being different and even if it’s just ‘oh it’s the guy with the two different colors in his hair’ I like that. It says something about me and I’ve never seen anyone with hair like me so I like being different in different ways.

On Sunday I’m already planning on shaving this down again and I’m either going to dye it pink or blue. This is the first time I’ve ever dyed it a color so I’m learning with YouTube videos. Last time I just bleached it and toned it so this time I’ll be dyeing it.”


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