“One of my biggest rushes happens in the beauty salon.”

“I actually have a shaved head but my hair has been everything before this – my hair is 100% how I express myself – it’s been long and red, it’s been short and blonde, and I feel like every time my hair changes something big has been happening in my life, like it happens around my birthday, or I quit my job and I shaved my head, you know, it just kind of happens together. So hair for sure is how I express myself.

I quit my job before I shaved my hair, but it was kind of the precursor to leaving – once my head was shaved everything in life shifted – I broke up with my girlfriend and everything followed, you know? I’ve never ever regretted [hair changes], I love it. I’ve always enjoyed it.

I have to say one of my biggest rushes happens in the beauty salon.

I’ve always been addicted to it which has been one of the hard things about shaving my head, now I don’t know what the fuck to do. So, I’ve been wearing wigs to like mix it up. I’ve never felt nervous about doing it, I feel a rush from it – I really like it. And I’m always mind-boggled by people who don’t because I don’t really understand them.

Photo: Ashley Kalinske

I don’t necessarily wear darker makeup now, but I do really dark eyelashes or a super baby doll blush. But I always have color on my lips, and I work in fitness and I still always have color on my lips. And that’s with a head shaved or no, but again it’s harder to go no makeup with my head shaved.

This lip is a line from Ahal it’s like this all-natural line from Mexico and their stuff is amazing, it’s paraben-free and everything and it’s like a tint and stays on through everything, even working out.”


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