“Always co-wash and your curls will be very thankful.”

“It was Halloween and I was in 7th grade, and I was a witch and my mom said ‘Do what you want’ and I went a little crazy, but it all worked out. And, now I’m here – I’m a makeup artist. I went to Makeup Designory up in the Financial District and I freelance.

Photo: Ashley Kalinske

I love to play with lip colors, but on other people I like to play with shadows and try to make sure their brows are looking as on fleek as possible. Hair I hate doing but I recently cut all of mine off so I’m learning the ropes of going natural and all that.

The only secret I have is to never shampoo, always co-wash and your curls will be very thankful.

I hadn’t been to work in a few days so I figured I may as well put on some great makeup today – I feel like eye shadow helps to bring out your eyes so people are drawn to them. Today I used the Hum pigment by OCC in the center of my lid, and then the crease colors are all from the Tartelette in Bloom palette.”


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