“When I Go Out It’s Like 30 Different Products”

“When I was like three I remember watching my mom get ready for work, and then I remember digging in my sister’s makeup when I was probably in like first grade, and obviously, hello, I put it on!

Usually for me my every day is just an eyebrow, maybe a highlighter and bronzer, just normal shit like that.

But I think makeup can be a way to express yourself.

It gives you something to look forward to in the morning rather than just rolling out of bed and being a mess.

For my hair, I just reapply different colors, I usually mix purple and pink and literally just throw it all over. I use Adore and mix it with conditioner like every three washes because it fades pretty quickly. But, I like it to be pretty faded, and the conditioner helps hydrate it too but then it’s not as in your face.

Photo: Rachel Adler

For skin care I use all natural stuff, I use Lush and tea tree oil or tea tree gel, for washing I use just a cleanser by Lush. For my every day I just use an eyebrow pencil but when I’m going out it’s like 30 different products. I just think like it’s better for the day and to keep it all natural, especially in the summer because if you’re wearing a shit ton of makeup your skin is going to get nasty.”


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