“I think my hair will be colored well into my 70s.”

“My earliest beauty memory has to be with my sister and we were playing with my grandma’s makeup and we were practicing on each other, we were probably seven or so, and it was just a disaster. We had like thick powder on ourselves, and heavy eye shadow, and my grandma’s blush, and it was just a mess. After that I went makeup free for awhile.

I choose my hair colors based on what inspires me, I’m inspired by like celestial images or sunsets, with the purples, and blues and magentas – that’s what inspires me. I do it all myself with ArcticFox. I slowly section my hair in fours or just horizontally and just slap on the colors.

I’ve honestly lost count with how many color variations I’ve done.

Photo: Ashley Kalinske

I change it every two months probably and I try to take really good care of it and I deep condition it weekly. I make my own deep conditioner actually out of argan oil, olive oil or shea butter and mix together.

I was actually having a conversation with one of my friends and he asked me if I would ever go back to my normal color, and I was like ‘no I can’t’ – I think my hair will be colored when I’m well into my 70s. I do feel like I would feel really naked without having color in my hair.”

Alexandra Dawson

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