“I definitely use makeup to convey whatever I’m feeling.”

“I don’t know if this is my earliest memory or I’ve just seen enough photos to think that it was, but I have this very vivid scene in my head of my mom drawing freckles on my cheeks and the only thing I can think is I must have had a friend in preschool that had freckles and I must have wanted freckles. I also remember my mom telling me at some point growing up – I was probably 6 or 7 – that my nails and toes should always match, I should always have matching polish and they should never be different.

Then, there was also this girl named Emily Goodwin in 2nd grade, and she was my friend, but I was always really jealous because she had this perfectly straight, shiny, black hair and this perfect little bob and these perfect little bangs and I didn’t understand that people had different hair textures at that point. So, I would beg her to tell me what kind of shampoo and what kind of brush her mom used, because I thought that if I used those, my hair would look like her hair – it didn’t work.

I definitely use makeup to convey whatever I’m feeling. Basically, if you see me without makeup I’m feeling very lazy. In particular, I’ll wear a bold lip or something like that.

I fully believe in swiping on confidence and I feel more confident with like a bright red lip.

Or, if I’m feeling like I want to be kind of trendy I’ll do a very dark, vampy lip right now. Or, if I want to feel kind of playful I’ll do like a bright magenta or something like that.

Photo: Rachel Adler

I get very inspired when I see certain things and I kind of unconsciously try to recreate them. Like the other day I was really inspired by some show, particularly during fashion week when I see a show or when I see a model, it’s not really even a conversation I have in my head but it’s just a thing I end up doing.

I’m very much a lip person, I do very little with my eyes typically, mostly because I’m not very good at them, but my sort of go-to ‘I want to look like I have my shit together’ is a very perfectly red bright lip and a little bit of black eyeliner and neutral shadow.

Right now, this isn’t a bold one but my favorite every day lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips in Secret Salma – it’s just like a really perfect, every day kind of rosy pink. I’m never drawn to a nude, I wish I could be – it looks great on lots of people like Gigi Hadid but I try it on myself and I’ve just never found that I feel good with it on. So when it comes to every day, it’s much more of like a pinkier kind of tone, and any blue-based red I love. Lately I’ve been really into a berry, dark kind of plum color.

I couldn’t find my Secret Salma today so I’m actually wearing Salma Hayek’s Nuance line – it’s a little brighter than I wanted but it works.”


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