“Makeup is like an aura, or an energy.”

“I was a preacher’s kid, so I grew up not wearing makeup, so I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in college, when I was 18. I would say that it probably helped to create a solid foundation for me to go more natural with my makeup, I’m 40 years old so I like to keep it kind of naked, or almost naked, so I think that it just kind of helped me to be okay with being a little more raw.

Makeup is like an aura, or an energy. Me being a hair colorist, I play with more hair colors than I do makeup, but I think that color is definitely an expression of all of the energies that kind of make up the human. So depending on what you’re drawn to, it could be water, or earth, you know, I think color is definitely a form of self-expression ā€“ it’s a part of nature and who we are.

It’s a full expression of life. We’re able to play with those colors and kind of express our connection to the world in many different ways.

Color normally stays the same, but the makeup probably goes more so with the outfit. I tend to do the cat-eye all the time, it’s very classic and I can wear it with everything. My aesthetic in general is pretty, um, I’d say antique vintage, I like Asian, African and very ethnic vibes so I tend to put that with more of a downtown New York vibe. And, when I’m in the salon I wear a lot of black, so I pair that with a lot of chunky jewelry. So, I think the makeup just stays pretty general so it can go with everything. And the hair changes, when the color energy of the season changes if you know what I mean. And I think sometimes as artists you can feel that before it’s said or done. So I tend to try to listen to that energy as well, so right now it’s kind of silvery. And it may be peach next week.


Photo: Katie Jane Hughes

If I were to pick an animal I would definitely be a bio-luminescent one, and that feels very natural to me. [The makeup] doesn’t feel like I’m standing out. It feels like I’m blending in more with that animal species, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t feel like a bold statement to me, it feels very natural. To me if it’s not colorful, then it doesn’t feel organic. My natural roots being dark, you’d think it would feel more natural that way, but I don’t know why, it’s very weird, the color feels more natural.

The lipstick is NYX with a little pink on first, and then a very deep plum on over it. I do the cat-eye every day. Either that or I put little dots underneath. And this is that one you find at Target, it’s really inexpensive ā€“ e.l.f. I just do it freehand and flick it out on the ends, I find that on the ends if you feather it a bit more you get a sharper line.”


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