Why We’re All Warriors

Growing up today, we all know one thing for sure – life is unpredictable. We all face our own trials and tribulations, hopefully understanding that the person next to us in line at the coffee shop may be having just as bad of a day as we are.

Especially in our current political and social climate, somehow something seemingly as simple as knowing that blacks are as safe as whites, that gays are as safe as heterosexuals, or that females have equal rights, can add constant (and unnecessary considering it’s 2016), stress.

But, what I’ve come to realize is that no matter what you’re facing in life, we all have our own method and routine to the madness. Many of those routines include a meditative moment of calming ourselves down, a few deep breaths, and a swipe of a killer lipstick or highlight to ready ourselves for another round of whatever the world is about to throw our way.

In that moment, we are not only proving to ourselves that we can get past our tough times, but also proving it to everyone else. And, perhaps that extra touch of concealer and lipstick was just want we needed to get through.

The term “Makeup Warriors” is meant to reflect exactly that – the person in all of us who has continually found the courage in ourselves (with some cosmetic help at times) and stood strong. Whether we were standing up against an ex, an arch nemesis, a parent or an old boss, we are constantly finding ourselves in tough situations, and sometimes a bright pink lip is just what we need to help us stand a little taller.

I hope this site is able to inspire you everyday as I find the true warriors all around us – you.

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